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About the company

Welcome to the site of the factory on processing of dried fruit "Barakat-Isfara".

Factory "Barakat-Isfara" was founded in the city of Isfara, Republic of Tajikistan. The company is engaged in drying, calibration, cutting and packing of dried fruits.

Factory "Barakat-Isfara" is located on the territory of the total area of 2.4 Hectares and, apart from the production, includes also the warehousing and logistics base, equipped with modern equipment. The competitive advantage of the "Barakat-Isfara" - the use of extremely high quality of raw materials and the application of strict technological control at all stages of production.

Factory "Barakat-Isfara" produces a wide range of dried fruits: dried apricots (dried apricots), compote mix, cut dried fruits, dried apple, dried wild rose and other most popular dried fruits. Products are made from raw materials grown in ecologically clean area, does not contain GMOS or preservatives.

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